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August 14, 2017

In this first blog post I should explain the concept of ‘adding value’ and why I made this blog.

So what is this value adding is about?

It seems a simple concept: adding value means increasing the value of something. Yet this concept is often overlooked by software engineers. It is easy to focus on the problem in front of us, a bug which is difficult to reproduce or a feature which is urgently needed. However, in my opinion this concept of adding value should be always in the focus.

‘Why? Why should I think about some abstract concept like “adding value” when my project manager is expecting me to deliver a brand new feature by next week?’ you might ask.

I would like to believe that we are all professionals and we use our skills, knowledge and talent to satisfy our employer or customers to the best of our abilities. To achieve this it is not enough to meet the deadlines with a feature which is bug-free and working as expected.  If you keep cranking out bugfixes, new features and other code sprint after sprint, you will feel rather soon bored and unmotivated. You will find no enjoyment in work and you will start wondering why don’t you feel that satisfaction and pride what you used to feel when you finished some coding. If you can remind yourself why your work is important, how is it going to help your employer or customers, then you will find it much easier to keep yourself motivated.
The other good reason for striving to add more and more value is because it will keep your customers satisfied. This will be the most beneficial to your career, since we all like to be paid fairly and to be handsomely rewarded 🙂

My aim here is to help you grow by discovering the importance of adding value and thus boosting your career.

András Döbröntey

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