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Differences between RxJava’s Observables and Java’s Streams

October 8, 2018

Stream processing libraries such as RxJava’s Observables and Java’s Streams are quite similar in their APIs for pipeline building. The main differences are how they handle multi-threading and the composition of said pipelines. Main differences Streams are pull-based, Observables are push-based. Streams can be used only once, Observables can be subscribed to multiple times. Using […]

Reactive Programming – Intro

October 7, 2018

Why? Why do we need Reactive programming? We all know the phrase: “If it is not broken don’t fix it”. So what is the problem for which we need a solution? Because if there is no problem, we don’t need a solution. That we need asynchronous programming, we can all agree. So the question is, […]